Prof. Ernst Fuchs (Austria 1930 –2015) was a prolific painter, sculptor, draftsman, printmaker, architect, composer, stage designer, poet. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and was a pupil of  Albert Paris von Gutesloh. During his time at the academy, he and fellow pupils such as Rudolph Hausner, Arik Brauer,  Helmut Leherb, Fritz Janschka, Wolfgang Hutter, and Anton Lehmden founded the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism which at its core, gave emphasis on the techniques of the Old Masters and a grounding in realism combined with religious and esoteric symbolism. Furthermore, Fuchs participated in other movements such as “art-club” whereby the members intended to procure the autonomy of modern art. Fuchs later set up a group opposing the art-club called the Hundesgruppe (The Dogs Group)

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