Friedrich Goldscheider ( 1845 Bohemia – 1897 France)

in 1885, Goldscheider founded his porcelain and majolica factory in Vienna, Austria. He became renowned for producing first class naturalistic busts, orientalist figures, lamps and much more, all made of terracotta. Goldscheider was notably the father of Viennese ceramics. His son’s Walter & Marcell would network with creative designers of their time thus securing the future of the family business for over three generations until the Aryanization of Austria in 1938. The brothers left and Walter returned in the 50’s but the Goldscheider company, closed its doors. More than 10,000 models were produced in the company’s 70 years of production.

Photo: Anderson’s Auctions Lot 92 Date: 20.06.2021



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