Keramos (later Keramos AG or Keramos KG) was a ceramic manufacturer founded in Vienna, Austria in 1920. Its prime objective was to employ veterans of WW1 and it attracted prominent shareholders, such as Josef Hoffman. Furthermore, Keramos also carried out commissions from the Wiener Werkstätte, such as vases by Dagobert Peche. The designs used by Keramos in their later production, early 1930’s, came from the archives of the dissolved Wiener Werkstätte. The company was prolific, producing 3000 models in its 60 years based on ideas from 60 top ceramists and designers such as Josef Lorenzl, Stefan Dakon, Eduard Klablena, Otto Prutscher, Karl Perl, Karin Jarl-Sakellarios, Ida Schwetz-Lehmann and many more. Keramos was liquidated in 1982.

Photo: Anderson’s Auctions; 20. August 2020



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