The factory in Duchcov (Dux) was founded in the year 1853. In 1860, the troubled company was bought by experienced designer; Eduard Eichler and the famous, raised triangular Dux logo incorporated an “E” and an acorn in reference to his name. Under Eichler, the company achieved a Silver Medal at the exhibition in Paris. The company was then traded on the stock market and became Duxer Porzellan – Manufaktur, A-G with its seat in Berlin. After WW1, Bohemia was amalgamated and the mark “made in Czechoslovakia” was added to the pink triangle. After WW2, the Russian’s nationalized the factory and it became “Duchcovsky Porcelain”. In the 1990’s, after the velvet revolution, yet again there was a change of name to “Royal Dux” and it returned to private ownership. Czechoslovakia ceased to exist and the country became the Czech Republic which we see on current pieces.

Picture: Anderson’s Auctions; Lot 68 03 Apr 2021



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