Pino Tovaglia (3 December 1923 – 30 November 1977) Born in Milan, Tovaglia was a graphic designer, entering the profession in his youth. He cooperated with  Marco Zanuso, Giò Ponti, and the Castiglioni brothers. In 1946, Tovaglia was a professor of graphic design in Milan. In 1954 Tovaglia won the National Prize of Advertising as he had compiled a series of adverts made for Finmeccanica. In 1956 he established the NCPT Studio together with Giulio Confalonieri, Ilio Negri and Michele Provinciali.. Between 1967 – 1970 Tovaglia was art director of Pirelli, In 1972 he was responsible for redesigning the Alfa Romeo logo. In 1975, Tovaglia and his collaborators: Bruno Munari, Bob Noorda and Roberto Sambonet. designed the symbol of the Lombardy Region.

Photo; Anderson’s Auctions; Lot 171 20 Jun 2021



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